<BAD> Rust Servers

Weekly 2x Fridays

  • Enforced Group Limits of max 8 players
  • No Junk in loot tables
  • Storage on Scrap Helicopter
  • Recyclers in Fishing Villages and monuments
  • Workbench Throughout TC range(link discord to unlock)
  • 10 minute locked crates
  • 80 Minute Day, 10 Minute Nights
  • 2x resources and scrap
  • 1x sulfur rate
  • 2x crafting rate
  • 2x furnace rate
  • 2x stack size
  • 2x recycling rate
  • Auto authorization with team lock codes
  • Auto turret authorization
  • Custom Weather System

Unlockable VIP

VIP can be unlocked by donating or by competing in in game stats competitions, by community challenges or by supporting the community in other ways. (Click here to purchase VIP: GET VIP)

The following QOL mods come with our VIP package
  • Box Sorter (sort box inventory with the click of a button)
  • Skinbox (no scrap cost)
  • Auto Code Locks (place all your locks without having to put the code in)
  • Furnace Splitter
  • Sign Artist (use images from the internet)
  • Sort Button (click on this button when viewing a box to skin it and to put all of the type of item of your choice into it)

<BAD> Rust Server List

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BADrust.com 2x Fridays Noob Friendly

This is our main server. Scroll down to see more information about our servers.

BADrust.com Map Preview Server

This server allows you to preview the map before wipe scroll down to see more information.